Cindy Wicked Massager

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  • ????????? ??? ??????: Cindy is more than a massager, it is a conduit for energy. As you hold it, close your eyes and breathe in the essence of your intentions.
  • ?????????? ?? ??????????????: as you journey through life, you have 20 distinct paths of vibration to explore and 8 levels of intensity – a staircase to elevate your senses.
  • ??? ??????? ?? ??????: at the heart of the Cindy lies a sacred space – the Memory Reset Button. In the midst of your journey, should you feel the need for a recalibration, press and hold the button.
  • ??????? ??????? ??? ??????? ??? ??????: your session nears its conclusion, yet the essence lingers. Gently press the OFF Button – a gesture of gratitude and release.
  • ??????????? ????????: as your venture beyond this session, remember that the LuLu is a vessel of connection. It is a key to aligning your energies with the universe’s flow.


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