O-Sensual Oral Ama


Product Description

Top quality exquisite Vibrator from LoveToy O-Sensual Range comes in a collection of bold, stylish hues, are water repellent and body safe.
They are an excellent discreet toys with customized vibration patterns which works so great for women and couples. Our innovative design won’t let you down and oops. Get blown away!

How to use

Hold power button 2 secs to turn on or off.
Press each time after to control the suction
Powerful Play Clitoral suction stimulation.
Sensational oral stimulation will be given to her.

How to charge

It includes a USB cable for charging.
LED light signal blinks during charging period.
Constant light once full charged.

Key Features

  1. Rechargeable& Clitoral suction
  2. Luxury suction vibrator for clit stimulation
  3. Seamless silicone. body safe
  4. 100% Waterproof
  5. 10 modes of sweet suction with pulsating vibrations
  6. Pressure waves gently suck your clit for great pleasure


Material – Silicone + ABS

Charging – Rechargeable (UAB cable included)

Product Size – 8.8cm Φ5.5 cm

Setting – 10 modes of suction


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