Quin Rose

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  • Rose Sucker with Suction and Deflation Function – This women’s vacuum pump device is used for female private parts, it has manual suction and deflation function, so you can adjust the vacuum pressure level according to your needs. What’s more, You can also choose automatic suction and release mode combined with tongue licking function, to get the job done with ease.
  • Removable Suction Cup Cover – This rose sucking massager with a oval vacuum suction cup fits easily over the chest and clit. Remove the transparent cup cover to reveal the rose’s tongue and become a tongue licking stimulator.
  • 7 Tongue Licking Functions – ☞☞DOUBLE CLICK the licking button to turn on the tongue licking function, and click to switch 7 different modes. You can also DOUBLE CLICK the licking button to turn off the function, and click to adjust the tongue within 3 minutes after it is turned off.
  • USB Magnetic Charging & IPX6 Waterproof – The product uses a magnetic charging chassis to connect and charge, to achieve a tighter connection and fast charging. There are vent holes at the bottom of the rose toy, the rose vibrator is not allowed to be immersed in water, please avoid water entering the bottom hole when cleaning.
  • Comfortable Silicone & Privacy Packaging – The rose toy is wrapped in smooth silicone, with a comfortable texture and safe material, so you can use it with confidence. In addition, we provide you with privacy packaging and will not disclose your product information.


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